Punch Bags

The Carbon Claw Range of hard hitting Punchbags has a proven track record for going the distance. Available for all levels of training and spending requirements Carbon Claw Punchbags are consistently manufactured to a high specification with weights and sizes of our bags varying from 14kgs to 65kgs and 2ft to 6ft in length.

All Carbon Claw punchbag seams are reversed and double stitched for durability, and also come with a tethered D-Ring loop at the base of the bag to enable it to be fixed to the floor if you wish to minimise the swing of the bag. Heavy punchbags naturally swing less than Lighter bags and are used more technically for heavier training so our heavier bags are designed to use a chainset for hanging the bag. Light punchbags are suited for more general fitness workouts and will inevitably swing more when hit, therefore, the option to tether down the bag can make your workout a little easier, especially if training in a more confined or limited space.

Carbon Claw offers Specific bags for Boxing and other combat styles so view our full ranges under Boxing and Martial Arts Categories.

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