Privacy Policy

Customer Data

Compliant to the Data Protection Act 1998

When registering your details or purchasing goods on our Carbon Claw web site you will be asked to submit certain information such as your Name-Address-Email address-Mailing address and a Contact telephone no.

Use of Data

Carbon Claw requires the Data to ensure a smooth transaction and delivery process to your orders placed.

The receipt of any Customer information Public or Private received online via the Carbon Claw web site is understandably confidential and will not be sold, exchanged, or transferred knowingly to any third party organisation or individual without consent, other than the purpose of ensuring the delivery of your purchase where an agreed or selected third party delivery service is requested by the customer.

Carbon Claw will only use reputable and recognised carriers/couriers that have their own Data Protection processes in place.

Data protection

At no point do Carbon Claw undertake the capture of, and storing of sensitive financial data. All payment information is sent to third parties

To ensure the security of your Data Carbon Claw do not capture or store any sensitive financial data. All data is trasferred directly to third parties and encrypted into a secure payment gateway and can only be accessed by authorised persons who in turn adhere and uphold a Data confidentiality policy (PCI DSS).

These payment gateways then contact Carbon Claw using encryted data streams to inform if your purchase has been completed sucessfully.

Additionally all our trusted third party associates that engage with our web site agree to Information Data confidentiality and the protection of information disclosure.

Disclosure of Data

Personal data information will comply to online regulations and will only be disclosed or released in request for evidence by legal parties or compliance with law enforcement.

Additionally specific information can be released to legal parties in the case of protecting the rights and safety of Carbon Claw Sports Ltd.

Email updates

The Email address supplied when a customer registers may be used to send additional information and/or related product updates that the company feels may benefit our customers and may be of interest to them.

To unsubscribe in receiving further information on Carbon Claw activity whether it is either latest news, promotions, product launches or additional details, then please just click the link available.


You may not be aware but cookies are an important element used within today’s Web sites.

Cookies are small files that are transferred to the customer’s web browser for the company to understand the customer’s interests and what they are regularly searching for on the site. They help us to understand page loading times and also identify parts of the web site that may not be working as efficiently as they could be.

The cookies we use will not harm a computer, tablet, or mobile.

All personal browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc. help to manage cookies and will request the customer on whether to accept or reject them.

Rejecting a cookie will not restrict the access to a web site but will limit the functions on that web site like for instance not allowing the purchasing of goods.

If accepted by the customer the cookie will monitor the search movements of the browser while on the site and gather information that will help Carbon Claw enhance the visitors experience in general, but can also ensure that more valued and specific information is sent that is more relevant to the individual’s preferences.

Online Privacy Policy

The Carbon Claw online privacy policy applies to personal information received and sourced via the web site only. All other information gathered or disclosed off line does not apply to this policy.

By using the Carbon Claw web site you are consenting to the Privacy policy in place.

Privacy Policy changes

Due to the possibility of future updated changes the current policy is dated.

Latest Amendment Policy Date 30-09-2014

If any future policy changes occur, the policy date will be amended accordingly. Any policy issues received before the latest amended date will be actioned in accordance to the policy before the amendments took place.

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Carbon Claw are confident in the delivery and explanation of the Online Privacy Policy to ensure that our customers have a clear understanding and appreciation of the serious and sensitive nature of data protection and the use there of. If you have any queries regarding the Online Privacy policy then please contact us at